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Why Guava

At Guava we set out to do three things: First, focus on the rider experience and the experience of cycling, especially gravel cycling. Second, to have a fun and inclusive brand where everybody is welcome. And finally, to have a really excellent bike at a great price, because value is important to everybody.

So, you won't see us making claims each year about how many percentage lighter or stiffer. We take our product very seriously, because we love bikes and want to make the best possible bike we can. We design our own frame from top to bottom, adding the features that we think make the gravel cycling experience the best it can be.

The magic of cycling is not so much about the bike itself as it is about the experience and emotion that it brings us. The routes, the destinations, the comradery, the time to free your mind. Here at Guava we are fully focused on the rider experience. 

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