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Product Development

Gravel can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Some riders want to go fast or cover large distances.  Others prefer technical trails.  Some are looking for an adventure or bikepacking while others just want a weekend escape.

For our first bike, our goal was to create not one bike that could do it all, but the best bike for most gravel cyclists.  Fast on the flats, stable at high speed, and capable on a technical descent.  Thus was born the Guava Ride Geometry.


From here we began the process to design the frame in-house.  The look, ride quality, and features we wanted were all created here.  We wanted a storage door inside the frame, so we worked with Fidlock to include a magnetic latch for easy access, even in the cold with thick gloves.  From this stage we developed our own frame tooling and began creating the first frame prototypes.

All Guava frames are machine tested to exceed ISO standard, and then road tested to make sure they ride how want them!  Every frame is controlled at the factory and again in Barcelona.  A rigorous QC process at every step of production ensures that your bike is absolutely perfect before it goes out the door.

Our strict product design process applies to all Guava products, from designing and creating our own gravel handlebars, to working with collaboration partners for bags, clothing and more.  We want to offer the best value for really excellent product.  Extremely function, and of course it has to look good!



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