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About Guava

We are cyclists first and foremost.  But we believe that gravel is where all the cycling community can meet. Whether you’re come from the road side, the mountain bike, or are focused on gravel – everybody is welcome here.  Ride in lycra, wear a visor on your helmet, ride alone or in groups. 
This is cycling’s democracy.

What we are about?  Above all, we believe in cycling.  Ride with us, try our bikes, join our events,
and we’ll come join yours.  Get out and explore, de-stress, refresh your mind - or for any of the other reasons we all ride. Train for a race, or just burn some calories.  We want to do all of this, but with fun.

We also want to make an amazing bike at an amazing price.  And we wanted to make the bikes in our home of Barcelona.  Because we are a direct to consumer company, it was important that we had the bike available to test before buying, whether at your home or on a ride with us.  We want to provide the best service we can, whether in our shop, on-line, or picking up from your home.

Guava Bikes is the result of two friends, with more than 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry, combined with Never Say Never Ventures (NSN), the business incubator of Andrés Iniesta.

Guava owners hard at work

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